Printed Circuit Board Stator (PCB)


Our PCB stator technology allows for customization and optimization of the attributes as required for specific motor and generator applications or market segments.   

high efficiency

Removal of the conventional laminated stator core significantly reduces core losses, decreases cogging and torque ripple and increases efficiency. Identical copper conductors allow electrical losses to be easily controlled and provides the highest power density by optimizing copper layout.

Increased Durability

Copper conductors are fully insulated and provide the entire coil with an equal coefficient of thermal expansion. Our continuous coil design limits internal connections and increases life expectancy. In the absence of mechanical interference, this insulation method and stator design is almost indestructible.

Light Weight

Wire windings and iron laminations are eliminated by etching copper conductors into a printed circuit board. Weight reduction on the component level is as high as 90% and the machine level can be up to 50% lighter weight.

Low Cost

Infinitum Electric utilizes fully automated 21st century manufacturing techniques to reduce material cost, increase production output and increase quality. Not only does it cost less, but the quality is superior.

Modular form factor

Our modular approach allows us to meet capacity requirements by incrementally adding or removing stator panels or motor modules. Our form factor allows us to match nearly any existing application.

IOT Enabled

Instead of unreliable aftermarket monitoring solutions, we embed IoT circuitry directly to the surface of the stator for the most accurate data that comes directly from the source.

Hazard Proof

Our stators are fully insulated and fully contained which inherently meets hazardous requirements from many industries. Efficiency Comparison


Motor Comparison


1HP NEMA Induction Motor


1HP Infinitum Electric Motor

Efficiency Comparison



The use of inline inductors makes our motors compatible with almost every off-the-shelf drive. If a fully integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) is needed for a specific application, we can provide a motor and drive in one clean package. Advantageous of our fully integrated solution include:

  • High frequency optimizes switching losses and provides superior power conversion

  • The motor and control electronics come in one clean package

  • Eliminates the need for an external Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or additional filters

  • Low noise emissions

  • Plug and play solution for simple deployment or replacement


Modular Design

Plug and Play Install

7 Custom Control board.jpg



real time.jpg


The Infinitum Electric motors were designed from inception with IoT functionality in mind. We enable users to easily collect critical data on their system including temperature, vibration, power and more. This data can be securely accessed through a variety of wireless and wired communication options.

REAL-TIME DATA Acquisition

Acquire, access, export and analyze data through a data rich web interface accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile device.


Decrease downtime by detecting abnormalities in your equipment and predict failure modes in advance of physical symptoms.