Executive Team

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Ben Schuler, Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Infinitum Electric, Ben spent the previous 15 years leading the design and deployment of complex industrial automation equipment across Taiwan, Japan and the United States. He was involved in the production ramp of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell and Solyndra’s thin film solar module. Infinitum is the direct beneficiary of Ben’s expertise, which helps him lead the mission of disrupting the way industrial machinery and electric motors consume and create electricity. Ben has been granted 6 patents and has dozens more pending.

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Dr. Mark Preston, COO

Mark’s 30 plus-year career has centered around leading the development of products related to power electronics and electro-mechanical systems. He has served in executive roles at General Electric, Northern Power Systems, Vestas, and most recently, Array Technologies, the world’s leading manufacturer of solar tracking systems, where he served as the VP of Engineering. Mark is also the author of more than 10 publications and he has been granted 18 patents.

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Bhavnesh Patel, VP of Business Development

Bhavnesh provides 20 years of Business Development expertise, the majority of his career spent leading sales and marketing efforts for global industrial automation leader, Rockwell Automation. Most recently, Bhavnesh was CEO of Volt480, an innovative work order platform for industrial automation companies. His industry expertise spans across multiple domains including Hardware, Discrete Manufacturing, Process, Transportation, Energy, Industrial Automation Software and Industrial IoT.

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Board of Directors