Fully Integrated Motor

Air Moving Applications

Infinitum Electric’s motor and control electronics form one unit and eliminate the external VFD. Plug and play installation, no programming needed. Just connect power and turn on! 


Fully integrated Motor

  • Creates a compact system that reduces structural requirements

  • High frequency control electronics

  • System efficiency over 90%

  • Highest performance by cost advantage in the industry

  • Low noise emission

  • Predictive analytics generated by IoT circuitry to reduce downtime

Screenshot 2019-01-06 15.07.05.png

Engineered for scalability

While initially focused on air moving applications, our technology benefits many other applications where size, weight, efficiency and/or cost are important factors. Additional applications are, but not limited to, electric vehicles, oil and gas and industrial automation.

Capacity can be increased or decreased by optimizing the following: PCB layers, diameter, copper weight, trace width, trace thickness, adding or removing stator panels or modules to the machine.