High efficiency and low cost



With quieter operation, reduced vibration and higher efficiency, the Infinitum motor is ideally suited for a wide range of HVAC applications including fans, blowers, condensing units, pumps and compressors. Our a fully integrated package offers plug and play deployment and simplifies service visits. Hands down, we provide the highest performing and most cost effective offering in the HVAC market today.

8 Fully integrated 5hp motor exceeds IE5 efficinecy.jpg

Variable speed, Direct Drive

Our system maintains accurate speeds with an open-loop, sensorless vector control drive and optimizes performance at multiple speed settings. Our direct drive motor improves system efficiency by eliminating belts and gears, which only introduce additional points of failure to the system.



The combination of the Infinitum motor and integrated drive package deliver breakthrough improvements in efficiency, along with additional benefits of being lighter weight, less cost and more durable.


Ease of USe

Our integrated motor and drive are perfectly performance matched and tuned at the factory allowing for out-of-box start-up, without the need for expensive field service resources. With support for industry standard protocols and simple web based interface, you can easily configure options, collect data and control the system.