efficient. DURABLE. light weight. low cost.

Exceeds IE5 Efficiency

Infinitum Electric develops motor and generator products that utilize our patented Printed Circuit Board (PCB) stator technology and provide unrivaled advantages. Our electric motors and generators are more efficient, more durable, lighter weight and provide the highest cost advantage in the market. We work with global motor and generator manufacturers and other industrial OEMs to customize our technology for specific applications and market segments.


Our Technology


  • Higher Efficiency
    Reduced core losses and easily controllable electrical losses increase efficiency
  • Superior Durability
    Fully insulated conductors and reduced internal connections provide longer life expectancy
  • Consistent Magnetic Field
    Identical coils provide consistent flux through the stator and limit torque ripple
  • Improved Mechanics
    Removal of attractive forces reduces structural requirements
  • Light Weight
    Replacing the iron core drastically reduces the physical weight

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