Print Circuit Board Stator


high efficiency

The removal of attractive forces between the rotor and stator eliminates core losses and increases efficiency. The ability to have identical copper conductors allows the electrical losses to be easily controlled and provide increased efficiencies. Our stator design optimizes the copper layout to provide the highest power density.

Light Weight

Wire windings and iron laminations are eliminated by etching copper conductors into a printed circuit board. Weight reduction on the component level is as high as 90% and the machine level can be up to 50% less.

Low Cost

Infinitum Electric utilizes 21st century manufacturing techniques to reduce material and production cost all while increasing the quality of the end product.

Increased Durability

Our continuous coil design limits internal connections points which increases life expectancy. Our copper conductor is fully insulated and provides the entire coil with an equal coefficient of thermal expansion. In the absence of mechanical interference, this insulation method provides for an almost indestructible stator technology.

Conventional form factor

Our stackable and modular stator and rotor design allows our technology to match the form factor of nearly all existing motors. 

IOT Enabled

Instead of unreliable aftermarket monitoring solutions, we embed IoT circuitry directly to the stators surface for the most accurate data that comes directly from the source.     

Optical encoder for rotator positioning

Optical encoder language


Drive Technology

The absense of the iron core, comes with the rediction of impedeance with creates a challenge for driving our motor. Our technology package includes external impedence and optical encoder, that can pair with most all "drives" and enable seamless functionality between traditional motors and our core-less motor.


HVAC 1HP: Weight(lbs)

HVAC 1HP: Efficiency(%)

Electric vehicle: Weight(lbs)

Electric Vehicle 25HP: Efficiency(%)

Wind Turbine: Weight(MW)

Wind Turbine: Efficiency(%)